Gamification Vs Traditional Online Learning

In this article, we will discuss gamification, online traditional learning, and then we will do the comparison between gamification and traditional learning for writing paper services and get to know that which one is better for the students to learn in an effective way. So let's start with traditional online learning.

Traditional online learning

Traditional online learning is the process of teaching students using the same old techniques. In traditional online learning, students are taught using ebooks, notes, video lectures, and lecture slides. In traditional online learning, students have to pay someone to do my online class so that they may have a good grip on the concepts. Also, the students have to study hard, make assignments, give online quizzes, and create projects to achieve better grades at the end of the course.

If any student does not study hard while he take my online exam, it will become difficult for the student to pass the exam.


Gamification is a new method developed to help the students so that they can learn better. Gamification is the process of using games in the learning content to attract the student's attention to take my online class and keep them focused on their studies. As we know that, more than 90 percent of students are addicted to games and spend most of their time while playing different video and physical games. So we have combined the most fun part of their lives ie games with their studies to make the student's learning experience remarkable. Gamification is proven to be successful and helped the students to learn the concepts in a fun way and also helps them to take my online exam more efficiently. Teachers can use different tools like Brainscape, knowre, UK Essay London, Kahoot, and Edmodo to create academic games for the students.

Which one is better

Traditional online learning is old but the teachers and students know it better than the gamification process. Also, it requires less amount of time for a teacher to record a lecture or to take my online class than to create a fun game for the students to understand the concepts.

Gamification on the other side has proven to be much effective than traditional online learning. Because when students regularly take my online course and make assignments, give quizzes and prepare for exams. They get fed up with the tight schedule and daily boring routine. They need something better something more than just taking online classes and so keeping the interest in mind gamification is introduced so that the students can learn while playing different games.

Gamification also helps the students in making them more creative and motivates them to think outside the box to find the answers to different questions and they use the same problem-solving skills when they pay someone to take my online exam.


Both the learning processes have their own pros and cons. Traditional online learning is old, the world is evolving day by day and in order to keep pace with the world, we have to adapt to the changes. Gamification is a new process that is proven to be much effective but it does not have much scope in the education sector yet.

According to your thoughts, which method of learning is better? Share your ideas with us in the comment section as we will love to know your point of view.

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